Center Community Club

The first "Commercial Club" or, as it is now named, "Community Club" was organized in 1914.  The group was made of business and professional people from the community and any others who wished to join.  Their purpose was to promote the good of the town of Center by supporting worthwhile causes by volunteering or providing funds.  These pro-active neighbors have contributed hundreds of hours each year to maintain the livability and vitality of our community.

The Old Settlers Day Celebration has been a primary promotion since the club's initial organization.  The Club plans many of the festivities for the event.  In addition, the club has gone on the record in favor of infrastructure development and other projects.  Activities the club has promoted have been senior citizen dinners and recognition events, Play Day for children, Dairy Princess, and Christmas Candy.  Records show how this group's influence has contributed to the overall improvement of our community.

The Center Community Club also serves the community by listening to neighbors' concerns and then pursues results that will maintain and improve Center.  Some of the funding received by the Center Community Club is provided by gaming revenue (pull tabs).  If there is anything of concern or interest to Center neighbors, contact the Center Community Club.

Kristin Henke President

Brenda Vitek - Vice President

Mickie McNulty-Eide - Secretary/Treasurer