New to Center? Here's some helpful information...

Dial 911

High & Low Tone
Steady Tone
WAIL Wavering Tone All Clear
Last Friday of the month 10:30 - tornado test signal

Trash collection curbside on Wednesdays.

Digging? Before you do, please dial 811 (One Call).

Phone Service & High-Speed Internet is provided by West River Telephone.

Cable & Internet is provided by Midcontinent. login

 Electric Service is provided by MDU. 

Local Newspaper is the Center Republican.

Pet licenses are required for all dogs & cats inside city limits. Please contact the city office for more information or to obtain your license.  794-3502

Building permits are required for erecting any structure, shingling, re-siding, new windows or remodeling your home.  Contact city office for more information 794-3502.